In Maplestory Adventures on Facebook you can hire friends. During the game you will recieve quests that will give you more friends in the game. The first one you recieve is Emily.

Emily EmilyEdit

Emily you recieve at the start of the game. She will be the same level as you throughout the game. After you recieve her you will go through the game getting more and more quests. Soon after you will recieve Friends with Edward quests

Edward Edward FriendEdit

After you finish the Friends with Edward quests you will recieve Edward. He is a Magician. Soon after recieving him you will get another set of quests that will let you recieve a new friend named Derek

Derek DerekEdit

Derek is a Theif. As I said before on the character page I did recieve a friend that was a Theif. I hope this means that there could be a Theif charcter soon avaiable later in the year.


Nothing is known much about her accept that she is a Bowman. She will be obtained by quests also. So stay tuned.